New Zealand 3-week Intensive, January 2020

The Extraordinary Art of Seeing, Thinking and Moving
with Peter Grunwald (M.STAT)
A three-week personal study in the Grunwald Eyebody® Method on the use of eyesight and vision

Intensive 4 – 24 January 2020
Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel and Herne Bay Petanque Club in Auckland, New Zealand
Language: English

Early bird NZ$ 2495 (on or before Nov 1st)
Full price NZ$ 2795

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About this course

Each year a dedicated group of students join me in The Extraordinary Art of Seeing, Thinking and Moving, a three-week intensive personal study and practice held only in New Zealand.

The core of this work is to apply the Alexander principles to the process of seeing. Out of this has developed a process called the Grunwald EYEBODY Method which applies the Alexander Principles of Inhibition and Direction to the visual system and involves the use of eyes to enhance efficiency of body movements and increase in brain function. During the course we get to know how to undo tensions which underlie all ‘visual fatigue’ by applying a constructive means-whereby in- stead of end-gaining clarity with glasses or contact lenses.

The New Zealand Program will help you to:

  • Get a deeper understanding of the visual process
  • Learn about your unique visual pattern
  • Experience and apply conscious depth perception
  • Learn about brain-eye-body patterns
  • Increase your kinesthesia within the visual system
  • Apply the Alexander Principles of Inhibition and Direction
  • Be guided ‘hands-on’ individually and in small groups

Some of the work will lead into new frontier discoveries of the visual system and the brain. For some the course will help to uncover your personal embryology of the visual coordinating mechanism with functions affecting the neo-cortex, the limbic system and that of the reptilian brain.

New Zealand offers a tremendous range of activities and sights for participants and their families. Its mild climate in January makes it ideal for our purposes. Our two venues com- bine New Zealand’s stunning coastal region in Coromandel and metropolitan Auckland.

I invite all of you who are seriously committed to study deeply the outlined process based on the book EYEBODY with me. A sense of humour, exploration and willingness to see, think and move are vital for participation.

Best Wishes from New Zealand
Peter Grunwald


It is highly recommended that you have experienced at least one 6-day retreat with Peter. In certain circumstances this can be waived with regular reviews of suitability during the course.


The first venue is the Mana Retreat Centre ( located approximately 2 hours by car from central Auckland or the International Airport. It is a unique retreat centre with 120 hectares of farmland, forests, streams and a mountain. The retreat starts on 4 Jan 2020 at 6pm for dinner and finishes on 10 Jan after lunch (please note that accommodation is twin share).

The second venue (13-24 January) is Herne Bay Petanque Club, 19 Salisbury St, Herne Bay, Auckland. Participants are required to book and pay their accommodation separately.

Tuition fees

15 days of group tuition in this course includes approximately 100 hours of learning. All fees are in NZ dollars. Early bird fee of NZ$2495 (non-refundable deposit included) to be received in full by 1 November 2019 or standard fee of NZ$2795. Please pay $495 non-refundable deposit to reserve a space. Rest balance to be paid not later than 1 December 2019. Cancellation fee applies. A series of private lessons with Peter can be booked, con-currently with the workshop in Auckland, if time permits. $95 per 30-minute lesson – to be paid whilst in Auckland.


Mana Retreat Center: A fee of NZ$830 for 6 nights accommodation is payable online. This includes all meals and lodging in shared rooms, some with en-suite bathrooms. Auckland Accommodation: ranging from $30 (backpacker) to $70-90 twin share per night (motel) or Airbnb.
Please note: the payment structure is different from retreats in previous years. First register with EYEBODY for payment of tuition fees. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation letter on how to book the Mana accommodation and recommendations for your stay in Auckland.

Cancellation Policy

Unless you find a replacement the following applies: if withdrawing from participation before 1 December 2019 the tuition fee less non-refundable deposit of $300 will be refunded. If withdrawal occurs after 1 December 2019 no refund will be made, if you cancel, arrive late or leave early. All cancellations must be made in writing prior to the above dates.

Online registration

You can register for this course here in the online shop.

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