Frequently Asked Questions

Peter Grunwald answers the most commonly asked questions about his EyeBody Method.
The questions are grouped together under headings.

The Method

Can this work help me?
What is this method about?
What comes first? Eye/vision or postural/body problems?
What are the differences between principles and exercises?

Different conditions of eye and vision

Does this method help every condition?
Will it help in cases of short-sightedness, middle-age vision, far- sightedness from an early age and astigmatism?
Will the Method help glaucoma, cataracts or macular degeneration?
Will it help with crossed eyes?
Can bodily malfunctions and postural misalignment be corrected and discomfort reduced?

Wearing glasses and contact lenses

Is it possible to let go of my glasses?
What would the process of letting go of glasses be?
How long will it take before I can go without glasses/contacts altogether?

Operations / laser surgery

If I have already had an operation, can the Method help me?
If I have already had laser surgery to correct short-sightedness, what benefits could I gain?

Prior requirements

Will my vision and body posture always improve at the same rate?
What is required for me to start learning this?

Age and time

Is there an age at which I should start learning? Is age a factor?
Can this method still help someone who is in their 70's or 80's?
How long will it take me to learn this?

Pre-birth and early childhood conditions

Can pre birth conditions be reversed?

Other side benefits or improvements

What is the role of my emotions?
Are there any other side benefits apart from improved eyesight and posture?

How to learn this Method

Self help vs. guidance by a skilled teacher
Learning by participating in retreat workshops
The benefits of individual lessons

Pinhole Glasses

Pinhole Glasses help you right from the start!

Apply the EyeBody Method daily

When can I start applying the Method in my personal daily activities?
Can I apply the principles in my professional life and my recreational activities?