6-Day Residential Retreat, UK – August 2024

Six Day Eyebody Retreat with Peter Grunwald
18-24th August, 2024

The Vedanta, Lincolnshire, UK www.thevedanta.org

Maggie Lyons
Email: eyebody@gmail.com

Early Bird Fee, available until 31 March, 2024 – £1395
Standard Fee, available from 1 April, 2024 – £1490


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About the Retreat

This unique experiential retreat with Peter Grunwald – for both beginners and advanced students – explores the integration of vision, eyesight, posture, movement, relaxation, imagination and brain function. The EYEBODY method is a principle-based educational process that can transform your way of seeing and being. Applying the principles can help you let go of the habit of wearing glasses and contact lenses.
Participating can be beneficial for people of all ages and offers a comprehensive learning experience. Central to the method is the understanding that eyesight and vision are flexible based on neuroplasticity and can be changed. This is true of many known visual symptoms such as myopia (short-sightedness), hypermetropia (far-sightedness), presbyopia (middle-age vision), astigmatism, light sensitivity, crossed and lazy eyes, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, detached retinas or vitreous humours and other vision disorders.

During this EYEBODY retreat you will

  • understand the visual process and your unique visual function
  • learn to apply the EYEBODY principles to the process of seeing
  • understand how your visual habits may contribute to your loss of clear sight and learn effective techniques to release those patterns
  • take your first steps without glasses or contacts
  • learn how to integrate the EYEBODY method into activities of your daily life, such as walking, driving and computer work
  • build bridges between vision and spirituality
  • read and see without strain or fatigue
  • experience how EYEBODY may improve your posture, and also benefit your hearing

The retreat will also support ADVANCED students of the EYEBODY method to renew and deepen their practice. All participants will be met and guided at their individual level of knowledge and experience.

The Eyebody Method

EYEBODY coordinates the brain and releases tensions in the eyes and the whole visual system, bringing clarity to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of seeing. Through the EYEBODY patterns the body is reached in an indirect way and can have a positive effect on many conditions, such as neck, back and joint pain, asthma and general fatigue, benefiting overall health and co-ordination. EYEBODY enhances clear thinking, integrates all the senses (especially hearing) and supports more effective processing of information. Clear sight is only one aspect of vision. Perceiving the world in more depth and letting go of over- and under-focussing promotes a deep sense of well-being that permeates all aspects of life. Very often physical, mental and emotional difficulties can be transformed, the roots of which may have seemed elusive.

Group and individual attention is given to support you in creatively learning the EYEBODY principles and assimilating them gradually. Sharing in the experiences of others can help you learn about yourself. Participants benefit most if they are ready to explore and question habits, let go of resistances and welcome change.

Peter Grunwald discovered the connections between the eyes and the body in the early 1990s. These EYEBODY patterns describe how every part of the eyes, the visual pathway and the visual cortex is connected to a specific area of the body. Particular visual symptoms correspond with specific tensions in the body.

Peter’s groundbreaking new book Eyebody – Soulful Seeing – Conscious Living, extends his earlier work covered in Eyebody – The Art of Integrating Eye, Brain and Body, to include the diversities of our emotional and spiritual nature. It introduces you to the art of integrating soul qualities through our eyes, brain and body to heal the emotional patterns and intergenerational aspects that can underlie our visual abnormalities, as well as our health and life challenges.

The venue

We are very happy that The Vedanta, situated in the heart of Lincolnshire, will be hosting our 2024 retreat. Nestled amongst 75 acres of woodlands, meadows and lakes, The Vedanta is a stunning Grade 2 listed Elizabethan estate. It’s beautiful garden areas and pavilions provide excellent spaces for walking, quiet moments, and our outdoor activities, come rain or shine. You will feel supported and nourished by the elegant mix of luxury and comfort provided by the lounges and teaching rooms of this grand stately home.

The Vedanta is committed to the concept of Ahimsa – compassion for all – which serves to create an atmosphere of love and respect for all beings.

The en-suite accommodation offers double or twin rooms, and some doubles as singles for a supplementary fee. Menus feature locally and seasonally sourced produce as much as possible, providing delicious vegan and vegetarian heart-warming fare, accommodating your individual dietary requirements when requested.

The Vedanta is a great location for people to reach from all around the country, and further afield. There is plenty of parking on-site. The closest train station is Lincoln (10 min taxi from The Vedanta), which is approximately a 2.5-hour journey from Kings Cross, Manchester and Birmingham New Street. For participants traveling from Europe or long haul, Manchester, and Heathrow airports have train connections to Lincoln.

The Vedanta, Lincoln Road, Branston, Lincolnshire LN4 1PD

Arrival and check in: 4pm, Sunday 18th August
Official start: 5pm
Departure: 2pm, after lunch, Saturday 24th August

Retreat fees

Your reservation is made through paying the retreat fee.
The retreat fee includes tuition, en-suite accommodation, and all meals.

Payment Option A: Early Bird Fee, available until 31 March, 2024 – £1395. Payment in full on or before 31 March.
Payment Option B: Standard Fee, available from 1 April, 2024 – £1490. Payment in full, or a non-refundable deposit of £170 to secure your place, with the balance of £1320 to be paid on or before 1 June.

You can reserve a single room for a supplementary fee of £170.
Please email the Organizer to check availability before booking.

Payment choices are by Bank Transfer or Credit Card. Some banks may charge additional transaction fees, when receiving overseas payments by credit card, which is beyond our control. If you have ANY questions or difficulties, please email eyebody@gmail.com





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