Audio Guide: The Eyebody Pinhole Glasses

Instructions and exercises for Eyebody Pinhole Glasses.

This instructions are intended to be used in conjunction with the Eyebody Pinhole Glasses developed by Peter Grunwald.

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9 thoughts on “Audio Guide: The Eyebody Pinhole Glasses

  1. Hi!
    I am an AT teacher with ‘middle age vision’, and I read that these Pinhole glasses could begin to help this condition.
    I wonder if these the same or similar to the ones I could buy here in Canada. If not, what would the difference be?
    I also wonder when the red ones will be ready to order (they seem to be out of stock) and whether you ship to Canada.
    Thank you!
    Elena C

    1. Hello Elena,

      pinhole glasses are produced by many companies worldwide. The „glasses“ differ in material as well as size, shape and distribution of the holes. The Eyebody pinhole glasses were designed by Peter Grunwald himself because the available models did not satisfy his need.
      The Eyebody pinhole glasses enhance the user’s presence – not under- or overfocus. Presence is the foundation of improvement and healing of the visual system. The light waves are being dispersed in such a way that a fraction of the entering light reaches the macula – enough to produce the effect of more visual clarity which is a great side-effect.
      The central purpose of the Eyebody pinholes glasses, however, is to be a training tool with the intent of supporting fundamental change. Find more information by downloading the audio material or read about pinholes in the Eyebody book.

      Matthias | Eyebody Support

      1. Would. Like large lens glasses have order from others and glasses lens was to small for me as a man

  2. Also, could you please tell me if they could be used safely as SUNGLASSES?

    1. Hello Elena

      From our experience: The need to not get blinded by sunlight can be met by wearing a hat or cap providing shade on both eyes. A well-coordinated visual system can deal with quite high intensities of light when it is not entering the eye directly. Actually, the visual system does need light to thrive.

      Persons who are used to wearing glasses to meet their visual disfunction may be more sensitive to light, because the light refraction provided by those glasses directs a maximum of light onto the macula and overuses it. So bright light is experienced as piercingly strong.

      Pinhole glasses – using light dispersion instead of refraction and providing also darkness for the photoreceptors – help the retinas to recover their natural resilience. It is for you to decide if and when you feel comfortable using them in bright sunlight.

      However, we do not recommend using them while skiing or under similar conditions where sunlight is reflected by the surface of the ground.

      Matthias | Eyebody Support

      1. Thank you Matthias!
        Just need some clarification that the glasses are not recommended in the snow (and possibly beach?), not because of the sport itself, but whenever there is any reflective surface?

  3. can people with macular degeneration use pinhole glasses

    1. Hello Esme, yes, the Eyebody Method helps with glaucoma, cataracts or macular degeneration. You can find the complete answer on our FAQ page in the section “Different eye and vision conditions”.
      Matthias | Eyebody Support

  4. Are the Eyebody Punhole Glasses also possible to use for anisometropie, I have one + and one – eye.

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