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Discover how to relax your tired eyes and enjoy reading, writing and working at the computer the healthy way – without prescription glasses. A brilliant exercise tool!

The Downhill Slide

When you wear prescription glasses you fall into a trap. You no longer fully use either the focusing muscles or your photoreceptors within your retina. The important “ciliary muscles” begin to weaken, requiring visits to your eye doctor for stronger and stronger lenses.

Reverse the downhill slide and exercise your visual system now. It is inexpensive – no prescription required! Pinhole Glasses refresh your tired eye muscles and keep the eyes from staring – a common cause of eye fatigue.

Scientific Pinholes – How Pinhole Glasses Work

The moment ‘Pinhole Glasses’ are placed in front of the eyes, a much narrower parallel beam of light comes through the holes. The narrow light focuses on the retina and sends messages to the brain for clear-sightedness. Far – sighted Short-sighted Focused with Pinhole Glasses Pinholes focus the light on the fovea centralis. This brings objects into focus regardless of the shape of your eyeball, while the rest of the black lens stimulates photoreceptors within the rest of the retina (rods). Therefore the entire retina is being stimulated and exercised.

This process is very relaxing and beneficial.

Online Audio Guide

Instruction and exercises for Eyebody Pinhole Glasses



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