Improving Vision Naturally – the Eyebody online Introductory course

This Eyebody online introductory course is built around 3 modules and lead by Peter Grunwald. These modules will get you started on the path of retraining your vision, so that you can begin or continue undoing the tensions and habits that have accumulated over the years in your visual system.

  • Online course with 3 modules
  • Modules 1 and 3: video sessions
  • Module 2: personal online session (45 minutes) with an Eyebody consultant or Eyebody teacher


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About this online course

By participating you will learn that it’s not the eyes that see, but the brain. With Peter’s over 30-year experiences he will guide you step-by-step through the introduction of how to improve vision naturally. He teaches that brain function can change, therefore eyesight and vision are flexible and can follow the changes of the brain.

The Eyebody Method coordinates physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of seeing. Glasses or surgery addresses the symptoms, not the causes of visual dysfunction. Taking this online 3-module course, which includes specifically a personal, live on-line session with an experienced Eyebody teacher or Eyebody consultant, will help you let go of the habit of wearing glasses or contact lenses and improves the brains ability to see, and to understand what you see. Those modules were developed through Peter’s experiences in introductory 1-day workshops over many years and in many countries around the world.

This online introductory course is made up of 3 modules. The structure is based on the design of Peter’s one-day live introductory courses, proven over many years and in many countries.

Modules 1 and 3 consist of online videos that explain the basics of the Eyebody method in detail and include practical exercises. You gain access to the content through your personal customer account. You can determine the learning speed yourself – the running time of the videos is about 2.5 hours per module. You can switch the course language between English and German at any time.

The module 2 consists of a live online contact with an experienced Eyebody consultant or Eyebody teacher. The modules support you to let go of the habit of wearing glasses or contact lenses. It enhances your brain’s ability to see and understand what you see.

During the three modules you will learn how to start the process to eliminate the habit of wearing glasses or contacts and may receive the benefits of

  • visual and mental clarity
  • strain free reading and computer use
  • improved posture, coordination and well-being; and
  • increase attention and presence vital for effortless clear-sightedness

Peter will explain how the Eyebody Method can be beneficial in

  • myopia (short-sighted)
  • presbyopia (middle-age vision)
  • hypermetropia (far-sighted)
  • astigmatism
  • cataracts
  • glaucoma
  • floaters
  • squints
  • light-sensitivity
  • macular degeneration

The positive effect on the overall wellness may include for instants

  • alignment in posture and better head, neck, back coordination
  • ease in body movements
  • releasing neck and back fatigue
  • increased breathing
  • mental and emotional well-being
  • reversing general fatigue and tiredness

Eyebody is not just for people with vision issues though, people with good eyesight can benefit greatly too.

Module contents

Module 1

During the first module you will understand the background to the discoveries of the Method and how it relates to you, familiarize yourself with How holistic vision works, patterns of dysfunctions such as in myopia, presbyopia and many other symptoms of seeing and the notion of clarity vs mental focus. You will be given some eye and vision practices relating to our first module to practice.

  • The overall vision of the modules: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of seeing
  • Peter’s story and insights on improving eyesight and vision naturally
  • Discovering how holistic eyesight and vision works
  • Patterns between soul, brain, eyes and body
  • The distinctions of over focusing, under focusing and presence
  • A demonstration of module 2 and the personal online session with an Eyebody teacher/consultant
  • What to practice till module 2 and 3 including the practice of night vision and the use of Eyebody pinhole glasses

Module 2

The second module is a unique, online personal consultation (45 minutes) where you are matched with an experienced Eyebody teacher or Eyebody consultant relating your personal story and circumstances and discovering the notion of over focusing, under focusing and presence. Those insights may appear vital for the next module to come. You will be given a practice at the end of module 2 to integrate your insights.

  • Sharing briefly your unique vision story with your Eyebody teacher/consultant
  • Discovering new insights of the notion of over and under focusing
  • Relating the different aspects of focus and presence to your unique personal function of vision
  • Personal embodying the mental focus of presence
  • A new practice till module 3

Module 3

This module is based on the previous insights and learning so far. Peter will share some in-depth knowledge of your physical, emotional and mental aspects of myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma, squints, astigmatism, macular degeneration and other symptoms. He gives detailed practices on the notion of presence and envisaging that you are encouraged to continue practicing at home and to integrate into daily activities such as at the computer, while reading, while walking or in other daily activities whatever your visual challenge.

  • Reviewing module 1 and 2
  • A meditation practice to integrate brain, eye and body movements and all sensory impulses
  • The notion of focus on the effect on your neck, head and breathing mechanism
  • The significance of presence for the synapses of your brain, ease of eye fluids, structures and eye coordination and overall function of your body with possible influences in your life’s circumstances
  • Practices on coordinating both eyes together by including the maculas
  • Describing common visual dysfunctions and it’s process to undo
  • Old cell memories hidden deep within the eyes
  • Envisaging practices while reading
  • The importance of night vision and practices to stimulate the function of the retinas
  • The use of Eyebody Pinhole glasses in reading and other activities
  • Practices to start the process to alleviate glasses or contact lenses
  • Supporting you in your learning and understanding of the process – taking it deeper
  • Reviewing the modules and the process and practices of applying the Eyebody principles into your daily life


In addition (but not necessary for the success in the online course) Peter’s first published bookEyebody – The art of integrating eye, brain and body’, now in its 3rd updated edition, is recommended to read as companion reading or afterwards to study and for deeper understanding of the content. The Eyebody Pinhole Glasses is a very useful tool for improving vision and eyesight and makes often for a more restful ease to read clearer or working at the computer, as Peter will explain in the online course.
The Book is available in print and audio form and the Eyebody Pinhole Glasses can be ordered in tandem with the Eyebody Introductory online course.